Liq My Stick

There it is in front of you. A glistening stick waiting to be consumed. Still hard despite the heat. You just have to get your lips around it now. But you can’t just help but stare. The curves, the color.

And then the frost suddenly appears. You panic and get it in your mouth. Your eyes water. Brain freeze.

But you don’t stop. You turn your head and keep going, one eager lick after another, a slurp in between maybe, and then a lick on the side of your lips because it’s dripping and a drop on the floor would be a total waste.

The last bite is due and you have to do it now, quickly before it’s gone, and off comes the wooden stick. Finally.

When you’re eating one of Liq My Stick’s popsicles, it’s hard not to get this enthusiastic. The brainchild of couple Marisse and Peter Annink, Liq My Stick offers fun, delicious, organic, and sometimes boozy popsicles (yay!) that take you to the beach on a hot summer day.

The crowd favorites: Bloomin’ British Tart (my personal favorite), Jolly Green Detox, and Spiced Apple Pie

“Not less than a year ago, me and my wife were still working corporate jobs in Singapore. When we moved to Manila, we wanted to start something up ourselves in the food and beverage industry but at the same time contribute to making Manila a healthier place. My wife makes amazing dishes and I like to make cocktails a lot, we got a cold press juicer for Christmas, so things just fell in place naturally,” Peter says.

(L-R): Hendrick’s Spirited Cucumber (Gin + cold-pressed cucumber + organic lim + lemongrass + tonic water)  and Pinoy Piña Colada (Organic Zambales mangoes + coconut creme + organic coconut sugar/cold-pressed pineapple juice + Bacardi white rum)

The popsicles are organic and healthy and use distinctly Filipino and locally sourced and sustainable ingredients like Davao cacao, Zambales mangoes, and Benguet lemons.

(L-R): Mango Un-chia-ned (Organic Zambales mangoes + organic chia seed + water kefir + strawberry + turmeric) and Monkey’s Stash (Banana + organic native blueberry + organic vanilla hemp rice protein + roasted almonds + organic date syrup + cinnamon)

“We come up with the flavors, together with our friends and family who give us suggestions ‘make something with lemongrass’ or ‘can you do one with tamarind?’ etc. Since we are part of the organic section of the Legazpi Sunday Market (Mara’s Original Market), we source most of our ingredients from those suppliers. Wherever we can, we source our products locally and organic.”

(L-R): Lover’s Red Velvet (Davao dark cacao + organic cold-pressed beet + coconut creme + fresh organic hibiscus flower) and Watermelon Mojito (Cold-pressed watermelon + raspberry + lime + mint + Barcardi Superior rum)

One of the things that has made Liq My Stick stand out at bazaars is its name, which is catchy on its own and never fails too get a chuckle from onlookers and customers.

(L-R): A Beet of Bourbon (cold-pressed beet ginger + pineapple + organic balsamic vinegar + Elijah Craig 12 years bourbon) and Brew's Brothers (Current Swell espresso + Katipunan Indio Pale Ale + coconut creme + Davao cacao + roasted pistachio)
(L-R): A Beet of Bourbon (cold-pressed beet ginger + pineapple + organic balsamic vinegar + Elijah Craig 12 years bourbon) and Brew’s Brothers (Current Swell espresso + Katipunan Indio Pale Ale + coconut creme + Davao cacao + roasted pistachio)

“The Liq actually stands for Liquor,” Peter clarifies. “But whenever I see people reading our name, they always smile or giggle a bit. That’s what makes us happy and I believe it makes people more open to trying dairy-free popsicles.”

photos from Liq My Stick / illustration by Ian Benetua

Popsicles (priced at P120 and up) are available at:

Legazpi Sunday Market
Herrera Street corner Legazpi and Salcedo V.A. Rufino Street, Makati City

Cornertree Cafe
150 Jupiter Street Corner Saturn Street, Bel-Air, Makati City

The Blue Kitchen – Rockwell
Lower Ground Floor, Power Plant Mall, Makati City

Pick-ups are also available (order three days before) at Burgos Circle in the Fort, while deliveries are also available in Makati, Rockwell, and The Fort.


Have you tried Liq My Stick? Share your experience!


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